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Sunday, April 26, 2009

As many of you know, we have been selling on eBay since about 2005 with our Simple Treasures Collage store. This has always been our main store, and will probably continue to be so because of the ease of listing. Lately, though, we have been putting a lot of time into our Etsy store and our ArtFire store. These two locations allow us to offer more unique items.

Through Etsy and ArtFire we are spotlighting some of our handmade items ... not just supplies. We currently have some of Kimmi's ACEO's for sale (in ATC size) in addition to some very nice handpainted ATC card blanks that she made. You can see some of these items in the picture above. In the very near future we hope to add many more handmade items including greeting cards.

Swing by and checkout some of the handmade items in the Lohman Trading ETSY Store.

Enjoy !

Chris ~~ Lohman Trading

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Follow Us On Twitter  

Saturday, April 25, 2009

After some pokes in the side, I am happy to announce that Lohman Trading now has a Twitter account. Our twitter account will include all blog updates from this blog in addition to all new crafts added to the IndieShowcase Arts and Crafts Gallery, our new ETSY products, our new ArtFire products, and our new eBay products.

Please take a second and FOLLOW US on Twitter !

Enjoy the Weekend !

Chris ~~ Lohman Trading

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Benefits of Unmounted Rubber Stamps and EZ Mount Foam  

Friday, April 24, 2009

You've seen the massive aisle of rubber stamps for sale at your local crafts store. You have probably purchased half of them. But those rubber stamps mounted on wood blocks may be greatly hampering your creative ability.

You may find that purchasing and using unmounted rubber stamps can make you a little happier and allow you to own many more stamps ! Here are just some of the benefits of using unmounted Rubber Stamps:

1. Unmounted rubber stamps can cost 50% to 75% less then stamps mounted on wood blocks. can you imagine being able to double or triple your rubber stamp collection for the same amount of money ?

2. You can fit about 4 unmounted rubber stamps into the same space as 1 wood mounted rubber stamp. Imagine doing away with all of the clutter in your craft area !

3. If you purchase your rubber stamps over the Internet or from a catalogue, shipping on unmounted rubber stamps will usually be a lot less then wood mounted stamps. Then weight of the wood blocks can double or triple your shipping costs.

4. If you use EZ Mount Static Cling Foam your unmounteds can be used on acrylic blocks rather then wood blocks. This means that you only need 1 set of blocks for your entire stamp collection.

5. If you use EZ Mount Static Cling Foam you can easily store your rubber stamps in binders and CD Jewel cases which can help you even more in cleaning your craft area.

6. clear acrylic blocks allow you to align your rubber stamp images much better then wood blocks since they are see-through.

7. You do not need to use a stamping mat under your projects, unlike other unmounted / acrylic block stamps that use double sided tape, velcro, and the like that require you to do so.

We think that once you start using unmounted rubber stamps you will find them to be much more enjoyable then wood mounted stamps ... and you will save a lot of money !

Give it a try you may never go back to wood mounted stamps !

Enjoy !

Chris ~~ Lohman Trading

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Converting Wood Mounted Rubber Stamps to EZ Mount  

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

EZ Mount is one of the very best ways to mount rubber stamps. Using EZ Mount cling foam will allow you to use your rubber stamps on clear acrylic blocks, which in turn allow much better stamp alignment on the paper. In addition, you can then store your stamps on EZ Mount Stamp-N-Stor binder sheets in binders. Add on top of that, your unmounted stamps cost less to purchase and are cheaper to ship. EZ Mount helps you stamp better, save money, and save a lot of space storing your stamps.

So what do you do with your "old" wood mounted stamps ? How about convert them to EZ Mount ! In 6 easy steps you can convert your older stamps:

1. Place wood mounted stamp in microwave for 5 to 15 seconds depending upon the size of the stamp.

2. The glue should now be loose enough to peel the rubber away from the foam. Rub off any left over glue on the rubber and clean with alcohol.

3. Cut out a piece of EZ Mount foam a little bigger then your stamp.

4. Peel the blue-printed liner to expose the adhesive side of the foam and mount your cleaned rubber stamp.

5. Trim away excess foam to the edge of the rubber. If your KAI scissors become sticky, clean them with alcohol.

6. Remove the paper liner from the other side to expose the static cling.

You are now ready to use your stamp on acrylic blocks. They can also be stored in binders on the EZ Mount Stamp-N-Stor binder sheets !

Enjoy !

Chris ~~ Lohman Trading

Shop For Referenced Products on Lohman Trading:

EZ Mount Foam

KAI Scissors

Acrylic Blocks

Binder Storage

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Craft Tip: Go Green With Buttons  

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

postimage_buttonsBrads and eyelets make for some great embellishments for cards, ATC's, ACEO's, scrapbook pages, and many other crafts, but sometimes it's nice to spend no money (or very little) on embellishments while also "recycling".

Buttons from old shirts, jackets, and pants can make fantastic and unique embellishments. Some of the vintage buttons can add style to your project that you just cannot get from a mass-produced brad or eyelet. The best part ... many of us probably already have a drawer full of stray buttons that could easily be used for embellishments. If you don't, you can usually find boxes full of buttons at yard sales or at your local thrift store.

Attach the button(s) to your craft project using double sided tape, glue, or simply sew it to the paper. Personally, I would go for the sewing as I believe it adds extra uniqueness and style to the project. Use cardstock for your project if you are going to sew as it will be less likely to tear.


Chris ~~ Lohman Trading

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Blog Giveaway ... Win An Altered Art Rubber Stamp Set  

Monday, April 20, 2009

It's time for the April Giveaway over at the IndieShowcase Blog !

This month you can win an Altered Art Images Booklet and a Rubber Stamp set ... and all you have to do is leave a comment on that blog to enter. You know you want somethin' for nothin'. Free is always good. :-)

To enter the giveaway just visit this URL:

It's a new week !

Chris ~~ ( Lohman Trading )

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ACEO: Inspire Bird 2009 (ATC)  

Saturday, April 18, 2009

This is a beautiful ACEO that Kimmi ( Lohman Trading ) made just this last weekend (April, 2009).

It features a vintage style floral / advertisement background with raised (3d) flowers and a metallic "INSPIRE" embellishment. The bird is a stamped image from the Inkadinkado Gem Stone Birds stamp set that has been adorned with green, peridot, blue, and orange acrylic rhinestones. I just love the bird sitting above the "seeds advertisement" !

( As a side note, this ACEO is available for sale in our Etsy Store )

As always, feel free to leave a comment or question for the artist. ;-)


Chris ~~ Lohman Trading

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