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Converting Wood Mounted Rubber Stamps to EZ Mount  

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

EZ Mount is one of the very best ways to mount rubber stamps. Using EZ Mount cling foam will allow you to use your rubber stamps on clear acrylic blocks, which in turn allow much better stamp alignment on the paper. In addition, you can then store your stamps on EZ Mount Stamp-N-Stor binder sheets in binders. Add on top of that, your unmounted stamps cost less to purchase and are cheaper to ship. EZ Mount helps you stamp better, save money, and save a lot of space storing your stamps.

So what do you do with your "old" wood mounted stamps ? How about convert them to EZ Mount ! In 6 easy steps you can convert your older stamps:

1. Place wood mounted stamp in microwave for 5 to 15 seconds depending upon the size of the stamp.

2. The glue should now be loose enough to peel the rubber away from the foam. Rub off any left over glue on the rubber and clean with alcohol.

3. Cut out a piece of EZ Mount foam a little bigger then your stamp.

4. Peel the blue-printed liner to expose the adhesive side of the foam and mount your cleaned rubber stamp.

5. Trim away excess foam to the edge of the rubber. If your KAI scissors become sticky, clean them with alcohol.

6. Remove the paper liner from the other side to expose the static cling.

You are now ready to use your stamp on acrylic blocks. They can also be stored in binders on the EZ Mount Stamp-N-Stor binder sheets !

Enjoy !

Chris ~~ Lohman Trading

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1 comments: to “ Converting Wood Mounted Rubber Stamps to EZ Mount

  • Aletha J. Williams
    12:38 PM  

    EZ Mount is the way to go. I have been using this system for years. Check out the storage system also. Saves on space.
    For cleaning the stamp back and the scissors, you can also use Goo Gone. Do wash your stamps with soap and dry before mounting on the cushion.
    Another tip for keeping your scissors from getting so sticky, while trimming your stamps, is slide them over a clear ink pad (one that has been used fairly often and is ready for the trash) Just add a little refill ink to keep it moist. I use a very used VersaMark pad.
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