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Celebrate The 4th of July --- Rubber Stamping  

Saturday, June 17, 2006

It is that time of year again ! Get ready to fire up the BBQ, visit the fireworks stands, and work through all of your plans to win the "Best Fireworks Display" in your neighborhood. Your neighbors have nothing on you ! You are the master of Independence Day !

Ohhhh, but we are getting ahead of ourselves. We still have to send out the invitations for the Barbaque. Handmade invitations will definately set you apart and using the Bird Flag rubber stamp above will accomplish this goal. This stamp comes from Sunday International and is available individually or as part of the Folk Art Rubber Stamp Set.

You will definately want to record your all-American experience of dominating the skys with colorful explosions, so make sure to take a lot of pictures so you can show off your expertise. On July 5th you may want to sit down in a quite corner of your house and start work on your 2006 Fourth Of July Scrapbook.

To help you with your journaling, pick up the Patriotic Rubber Stamp Set. This great set contains 20 different USA rubber stamps and is cheaper then you might think. With an assortment like this you can create many different patriotic crafts and never duplicate a design !

We wish you all the luck in inspiring the "ohhhh ... ahhhhh" feeling this Fourth of July in your neighborhood. Make sure to charge up the batteries and take pictures to record the great experience. Have fun and be safe !

As always, the latest and greatest unmounted rubber stamps can be found in our Simple Treasures Collage store at this URL:

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