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Benefits of Unmounted Rubber Stamps and EZ Mount Foam  

Saturday, July 22, 2006

You've seen the massive aisle of rubber stamps for sale at your local crafts store. You have probably purchased half of them. But those rubber stamps mounted on wood blocks may be greatly hampering your creative ability.

You may find that purchasing and using unmounted rubber stamps can make you a little happier and allow you to own many more stamps ! Here are just some of the benefits of using unmounted Rubber Stamps:

1. Unmounted rubber stamps can cost 50% to 75% less then stamps mounted on wood blocks. can you imagine being able to double or triple your rubber stamp collection for the same amount of money ?

2. You can fit about 4 unmounted rubber stamps into the same space as 1 wood mounted rubber stamp. Imagine doing away with all of the clutter in your craft area !

3. If you purchase your rubber stamps over the Internet or from a catalogue, shipping on unmounted rubber stamps will usually be a lot less then wood mounted stamps. Then weight of the wood blocks can double or triple your shipping costs.

4. If you use EZ Mount Static Cling Foam your unmounteds can be used on acrylic blocks rather then wood blocks. This means that you only need 1 set of blocks for your entire stamp collection.

5. If you use EZ Mount Static Cling Foam you can easily store your rubber stamps in binders and CD Jewel cases which can help you even more in cleaning your craft area.

6. clear acrylic blocks allow you to align your rubber stamp images much better then wood blocks since they are see-through.

We think that once you start using unmounted rubber stamps you will find them to be much more enjoyable then wood mounted stamps ... and you will save a lot of money !

Give it a try you may never go back to wood mounted stamps !

As always, the latest and greatest unmounted rubber stamps can be found in our Simple Treasures Collage store at this URL:

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