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Using See D's and Inque Boutique Rubber Stamps  

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Inque and See D's rubber stamps cling directly to acrylic blcks with out the use of foam. When you stamp, simply place a stamping mat under your paper and you are ready to stamp. You will find detailed instructions on how to use See D's rubber stamps directly below.

As always, the latest and greatest unmounted rubber stamps can be found in our Simple Treasures Collage store at this URL:

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1 comments: to “ Using See D's and Inque Boutique Rubber Stamps

  • Nora
    2:00 PM  

    My first experience with SeeDs stamps was from your eBay site. I've got to say that they're at the top of my favorites! I love the fact that, like traditional rubber stamps, I can use any kind of ink with them (clear stamps have issues with inks beading)...BUT I get the added bonus of being able to store more of them, since they're not wood mounted! I love them & I loved doing business with you - I'll be back!


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