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Join Adgitize Advertising Get 200 Entre Credits !  

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Well, I believe in the Adgitize banner advertising network so much that I will personally give you 200 EntreCard Credits if you join the network ! We advertise constantly on Adgitize, but the problem is there are very few handmade / crafts blogs on the network. We need to get more on there !

The quick details ...

Become a "publisher" and display ads on your website. We have a block of these ads in the side column of our blog. You will earn cold, hard, cash for this. You won't get rich, but it might pay a bill. you can even earn 100 points a day just for writing a new article on your blog.

Become an advertiser for only $14.00 a month. Your ad will be seen across the entire network of blogs. You can receive anywhere from about 100,000 to 250,000 ad displays. You also get a 100 point bonus every day for being an advertiser.

Getting right down to it ... we are a publisher and an advertiser. We are receiving about 1,700 visits a month from our ad. We are also a publisher and do the "100 clicks a day". We routinely earn 400 points out of a possible 500 points a day. We are set to earn about $ 30.00 this month ... directly deposited into our Pay Pal account. So basically, our ad was free, our 1700 visits were free, and we earned $16.00. PERFECT !

OK .. Here is the deal. I will give 200 EntreCard Credits (to each person) to the next 10 people who sign-up with Adgitize using our link. At the minimum you must become a publisher and display the adgitize ads on your site. After you sign-up, post a comment to this post. Include in the comment the name of the website that you used when you signed-up with Adgitize, a link to your website, AND a link to your Entre Card profile page ... IE: . You can find your profile page by finding your site in the "campaigns" section of EntreCard.

Please note, your website must appear in our "referals" section to receive your credits ... so definately use the link. :-)



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